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Our plans and intentions," said Big Smoke, "are also to help the adults.
Allowed down to the Big Smoke `en masse' just once a year, the team from the Co-op did themselves proud as the restaurant's Barrel Room heaved with the great and good from the world of journalism.
Clapp's treatment of air pollution overlaps somewhat with Peter Brimblecombe's The Big Smoke (London, 1987), but extends helpfully beyond London.
His largest, "The Big Smoke" and "The Big Smoke Seminars," takes place in New York City and draws more than 1,500 attendees.
THE BIG SMOKE Fumes billow from fire in capital yesterday
LONDON chefs and restaurateurs ventured out of the big smoke for a farm visit in the rolling hills of North Wales.
From Shieldinch to Line of Duty, Scots star Allison McKenzie on swapping River City for the Big Smoke PAGES 04&05
It's a wonderful piece written by Andrew Sherlock with the writing co-commissioned by Homotopia and thoroughly deserves to be shown in the big smoke.
Hovering over the Big Smoke and the cafe Delitzia below the colour around the coat and also the line of the buildings becomes even more defined in preparation for the next page-spread.
AFTER the small matter of derby-day tension, United's travels take them to the Big Smoke and the Emirates Stadium for a relaxing dose of Monday night football.
That said, anyone au fait with the Big Smoke will tell you how easy it is to develop a kind of love/hate relationship with the city.
Willie also mans the helpline and is on hand to offer advice to Scots struggling to adjust to life in the big smoke.

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