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What is very exciting for Moe is the big screen will be ready for the return of the 2014 Moe Cup in October after a four year hiatus due to the reconstruction of the track.
In celebration, the Royal Opera House streams the first BP Big Screen of 2014 live online and free.
Big screens of every size, gaming systems, blu-ray players and more will be 'doorbuster' priced for Black Friday starting at 6am.
Roger Hopwood, general manager at St David's Hall, said: "The big screen is on St David's Hall so we are looking forward to showing some of the things we are doing inside the hall, such as degree ceremonies.
An excerpt from Open My Glade will also feature as part of an arts programme on the big screen, called Sizemology, from now until Thursday.
Fran O'Donnell, Managing Director of Futureama Productions, was responsible for erecting the screen then and said: "The Big Screen brought great luck to the Munster rugby team and we are hoping it will bring the same luck to our hurlers.
He could only listen to audio commentaries provided at the stadium and then watch the game on a big screen TV at home later.
The Big Screen will be going up on the lawn of City Hall with free public access, catering, bars and toilets provided to make the most of the occasion.
Tests have almost finished on the big screen in Clayton Square; Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT
As with novels and plays, the results are best when TV shows are actively made new for the big screen by updating and revising characters, plots, and themes.
Irvine Bay Regeneration Company and North Ayrshire Council plan to install a 33 square metre LED Big Screen in the town centre of Irvine with the purpose of generating economic wealth and social capital for Irvine.