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8] Maryam Amin Nasrabadi "A new approach for long Low autocorrelation binary sequence problem using genetic algorithm" IEEE proceeding, 2006.
Plagiarism could be detected in the programs by comparing the Terminating Binary Sequence (TBS).
Pseudo-random binary sequence pattern generation: Allows engineers to test digital serial buses by streaming standard PRBS patterns - like PN7 and PN19 - without the need for a separate pulse generator.
Given the knot vector, we transform it to a binary sequence A.
The BCM8155 incorporates additional advanced features such as RZ modulation, duo-binary encoder, dispersion compensation, 10GHz clock output, 10G transmit pre-emphasis and pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) pattern generation and detection capabilities.
In 2006, Wang et al [47] proposed a pseudo-random number generator based on z-logistic map, where the binary sequence through the chaotic orbit was realized under finite computing precision.
Mycielski defined a seemingly pseudorandom binary sequence which has since been termed the EM-sequence.
Following Vassy (1990), we compute the change in Shannon entropy for an extrachance, binary sequence of length n.
The AEL2020-LL device also features Packet, Pseudo Random Binary Sequence (PRBS), CJPAT and CRPAT generators and checkers; Management Data Input/Output (MDIO), Joint Test Action Group (JTAG), SDA/SCL physical interfaces, and is available in RoHS 5/6 and RoHS 6/6 package options.
The macro includes an on-chip 50-ohm termination for both transmitter and receiver, along with integrated pseudo-random binary sequence generator (PRBS) for test, and software- programmable output current.
From this list, the computer calculated and consecutively displayed the resulting binary sequence, while the subject made a mental effort in the specified direction; and, at the end, the computer displayed the final score.