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This coordination of biological rhythms creates a better "kill rate" for the cancer, with less toxicity to healthy cells.
NIMH: Investigations that examine molecular, cellular, and biochemical bases of genetic mutations affecting neurogenesis, biological rhythms, learning, memory, and other cognitive functions and behaviors of the nervous system.
The human body is full of biological rhythms that affect our health.
If one focuses on this feature of biological rhythms and processes, one is able to discern its connection with one of "unknown" factors, the geomagnetic field, as shown in our own studies and those of others scientists.
In 1956, Thomas and Chess began a longitudinal study of 136, mostly white, middle- or upper-middle-class Jewish families from New York City The research team collected data on the children's activity levels, biological rhythms, responses to new objects, adaptability, reaction intensity, distractibility, attention span, and mood.
All of the scientists wanted was to observe his biological rhythms.
Over the years, researchers have discovered numerous biological rhythms, sleep and menstrual cycles being the most-obvious examples.
Biological rhythms, also called circadian variations, influence hormone fluctuations markedly during 24-hour cycles.
This corrects any deficit of these hormones, and as a result the body resets its various biological rhythms.
Humans have internal cycles called biological rhythms.
Disruptions of the biological rhythms can impair the health and well-being of the organism.
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