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That activates the team's birth chart, bringing them the promise of good fortune and celebration.
It takes her six to seven hours to analyse someone's birth chart and prepare a detailed report for them and she is never short of people wanting her help.
By doing a person's birth chart I can assess which colours are likely to influence and inspire people.
Each card is unique in that it is the customer's actual birth chart, which I draw up myself," says Kathleen.
Eiry says the astrological signs can give you an idea of who you would be compatible with, but this is quite general unless you get your personal birth chart written or a chart which analyses the potential of you and your other half as a couple.
com features news about Kmetko, a list of his favorites (cereal: Nabisco Shredded Wheat with Bran), pictures, and Kmetko's complete astrological birth chart.
ER, Paisley (Aries) This is a tricky one as your birth chart is complex for relationships.
The MP for Bosworth, Leics, said: "Astrology is a useful diagnostic tool enabling us to see strengths and weaknesses via the birth chart.
One of Astro Guru's specialities is Customised Jewellery based on your Horoscope as per various Astrological Traditions, made from Pure Precious Metals and a vast variety of Certified Gemstones that, when combined and created specifically from information of your Birth Chart, will generate significant changes in the energy patterns that are in and around you and as such can assist you in overcoming various obstacles in your life, by influencing your thought patterns and energy levels.
The ancient astrologers also believed that an eclipse has irrefutable consequences if it touches a key planet in a person's birth chart.