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The past few years have yielded a new black guard that has seized the opportunities and garnered greater rewards, power and authority as a result.
One night Lee overhears the voice of Wilson, a black guard, who is having sex with Jane in the next cell.
I think the old Black guard had the attitude `I got mine, so you get yours,'" says Hawkins, whose company, UrbanCityFoods, owns 43 Burger Kings, which are expected to ring up more than $200 million in sales next year.
Of the 32 racial complaints listed, 12 involved references to black people, jokes about black people, and references to the employee's status as the only black guard on the force.
Al-Haq was the security coordinator of the Black Guard, the unit which was charged with protecting Bin Laden, the report said.
The technician from Edinburgh - who calls himself a Magistrate of the Society of the Onyx Star Black Guard - is known as Demon Jock to shipmates.