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Anyone with unexplained blackouts can access it to help them and their doctors reach a correct diagnosis.
To hear the mayor tell it, the blackouts and the blown transformers are the result of little more than bad weather.
UPS should clearly be part of any power protection strategy, but understand that blackouts make up only around one percent of power quality situations.
Learn about the nation,s electric grid and how blackouts happen at: people.
These requirements would help to ensure that such a blackout does not happen again.
Richardson's Republican successor as energy secretary, Spencer Abraham, agreed that the blackout reflected inadequate centralized regulation of the energy industry.
Although Tepco has its own commercial reasons for inflating their blackout threats (which we examine in an Upfront story), we do take them very seriously.
Blackouts were initially imposed in July after the worst drought in 50 years depleted the nation's hydroelectric reservoirs.
Tom Dugan, president of Newgate Internet in Sausalito, agrees that while his energy bill has doubled, the blackouts have been the most damaging.
Referring to the rolling blackouts, the memo concludes that the blackouts were likely "intended to soften up the Legislature and the voters to the need for rate increases.
Solar storms most often affect businesses, as they can cause fluctuations in power supply or blackouts if a utility company's high-voltage transformer overheats or burns out.
Serveron Corporation, the leading provider of on-line monitors that enable the electric power industry to prevent blackouts from transformer failure, today announced the appointment of Tim Weaver as vice president of operations.