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He writes about military full-autos with such titles to his credit as American Thunder, Blitzkreig and The Last Steel Warrior.
They are planning a slash-and-burn blitzkreig based on the Thatcherite principle that public services are for those on society's margins rather than central to our nation.
45am, 70 years ago today, Hitler's tanks swept across the Polish border, bringing a new form of warfare to the world, a new word to the language - Blitzkreig, lightning war.
It doesn't change much in terms of gameplay but Blitzkreig 2 is one of the best games in its genre out there and this is a worthy addition.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (12A) Daniel Radcliffe conjures up box office blitzkreig.
ROOKIE trainer Vinnie Smith spiked the big guns at Salisbury as he landed his first Group success with 20-1 chance Blitzkreig.
His great uncle served with the 9th KOYLI in the static foot-sloggers' war that was the first world war and his father was with them in the second, blitzkreig war, 20 years later.
Their forwards launched a blitzkreig attack which brought them their third try.
HENRY PAUL inspired a Kingsholm blitzkreig as GLOUCESTER went on a 14-try spree against CAERPHILLY.
One of Celtic's few successes but was surprisingly posted missing during the corner kick blitzkreig which saw Rangers storm into a 4-1 lead.