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Every company has had its own 'Viagra experience' - creating one blockbuster from an R&D program focused on an altogether different therapeutic area.
But the declining fortunes of the blockbuster model argue that this strategy may no longer be valid.
What are the top blockbuster drugs facing challenges from patent expiries?
We forecast that eight new blockbuster products will launch between the end of 2006 and mid 2008.
Under-forecasting of blockbuster products threatens to limit the commercial potential of the industry, and higher standards of forecasting are needed.
How much did blockbuster products contribute to overall pharmaceutical sales in 2004, and which therapeutic categories accounted for the bulk of sales?
Cardiovascular and CNS products are forecast to dominate the blockbuster market: by 2008, attributed sales forecast to reach $67,810m accounting for 43 per cent of total blockbuster sales.