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May the blood shed by thousands of innocent people during long decades of armed conflict" sustain efforts to find a definitive peace, Francis said.
The fact that in the negotiations they listen to Iran's reasoning and yield to our demands is due to the professional competence of our team, side by side with the Iranian peoples' resolve and the blood shed by our martyrs," he said.
I go to see our Lord take bread in his hands and say, "This is my body given up for you, take and eat," and then with a cup of wine in his hands say, "This is my blood shed for you, take and drink.
The name of the piece comes from Marine jargon that references the red band on dress uniform trousers worn by officers and NCO's symbolizing blood shed by marines in war.
They issued a statement at the end of the meeting in which they said they discussed the latest developments in the region and emphasised the need to rally efforts to stop blood shed and to combat extremist and terrorist movements to boost regional security and stability.
Together they plot murder and as their families intervene, the blood shed begins.
Majali stressed Jordan's supportive stand for a political solution to the Syrian crisis that will stop blood shed and reserve the unity of Syrian people.
May be some of their sons and daughter's blood shed to fight for something that affects them more than it would ever affect the US or her allies?
A music video will soon be filmed for the single, which talks about the sacrifices made and blood shed by Egyptians for their country.
Presented in alphabetical order, they include All About Evil, Anguish, Banned, The Bed Sitting Room, The Blood Shed, Death Watch, The Dueling Accountant, Forbidden Zone, Head, Lethal Force, Repo
His visit to Jordan is an arrogant challenge to the feeling of Muslims and a disdain of innocent blood shed in Syria," they said, according to AP.
There has been too much innocent blood shed and the victims deserve to be honoured with the truth.