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In studio flicks, independent and foreign-language films and small-screen series, there are more bloodsuckers out there today than you can shake a wooden stake at.
Saya, right, is a half-human, half-vampire who hunts down bloodsuckers and demons.
In reality, few would turn to this mild profession to find bloodsuckers, there being a richly populated necropolis of bankers, power companies, fuel firms and telecom providers.
But what really drives him to battle bloodsuckers and endure burrowing worms?
is Anton (Konstantin Khabensky), a young Night Watch enforcer who comes down on the wickeder bloodsuckers around town when they get out of line.
If so, your body may give off an odor thats tells pesky bloodsuckers to buzz off.
Young ducklings, from the second day of their lives, go after those bloodsuckers all day long.
These ticks, especially the females, Are voracious bloodsuckers.
Then, when good old Y2K rolls around, just let those bloodsuckers try to collect.
Vampires may star in movies and television shows, but mosquitoes are the deadliest bloodsuckers around.
There is a take that has bloodsuckers in it that can suck all of the blood out of somebody and nobody can get the bloodsuckers off of them even after all of the blood has been sucked out of them and there is no blood left in them for the bloodsuckers to anymore suck out of them.