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Reilly as a centuries-old bloodsucker in a traveling freak show.
In reality, few would turn to this mild profession to find bloodsuckers, there being a richly populated necropolis of bankers, power companies, fuel firms and telecom providers.
But what really drives him to battle bloodsuckers and endure burrowing worms?
is Anton (Konstantin Khabensky), a young Night Watch enforcer who comes down on the wickeder bloodsuckers around town when they get out of line.
Then, when good old Y2K rolls around, just let those bloodsuckers try to collect.
Vampires may star in movies and television shows, but mosquitoes are the deadliest bloodsuckers around.
Bela Lugosi again dons the cape in "Mark of the Vampire," a tale of murders believed to be the macabre work of bloodsuckers.
The vampire warrior leads a battle against humankind, who are determined to wipe out all bloodsuckers and the Lycan clan.
As he rises to take his place in the White House during the Civil War, he discovers the bloodsuckers are the real power behind the Confederacy.
BYZANTIUM BYZANTIUM Film4 9PM In a twisted Britcentric spin on the vampire genre, Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan play two bloodsuckers who take up residence in a seaside town.
But in these post-Twilight days, cinema's bloodsuckers have emerged as misunderstood and (usually) sexually attractive heroes.
Then along came the Twilight series and the undead morphed into benign bloodsuckers who get their rhesus negative from animals or the blood bank.