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Current: CalCPA Board of Directors, vice chair; CalCPA Council; Central Coast Chapter Communications Advisory Committee; Central Coast Chapter Membership/Hospitality Committee, chair; CalCPA Financial Literacy Committee; CalCPA Communications Advisory Committee, board liaison.
And the rank and file physician shareholders want the physician officers and physician board of directors to pay the legal fees and fines out of their own pocket.
42) Still, it was up to the Association's membership, "the principal stockholders," to decide who would represent them on the National Board of Directors.
Territory affiliation is automatic unless the affiliate has formally notified file Board of Directors that it wishes to discontinue affiliation.
Justice Silverman ruled that although decisions of a cooperative board are largely insulated from judicial review under the "business judgement rule," the rule is not absolute, and a court may find that it can review the board's actions where the acts of the board of directors are beyond the authority granted to the board, done in bad faith or discriminatory.
The National Rehabilitation Association Board of Directors establishes working committees to conduct concentrated study and perform work as needed.
We believe that PCG AM's model for corporate governance, with its independent board of directors, is an important distinction that will advance the firm and its clients' interests in the private equity industry.
The Bylaws Committee recommendations were approved by CalCPA's Board of Directors and then by CalCPA Council Jan.
Corporation further announced that its Board of Directors appointed Richard W.
Barber is a member of the Board of Directors of Florida Career College, Microban International, Steve & Barry's University Sportswear and Tempur-Pedic International.
Buncher is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of Safeguard Health Enterprises, Inc.
The Annual General Meeting elected the following persons to be the members of the Board of Directors until the next Annual General Meeting: Carl Bennet, Eva Liljeblom, Lennart LENftman, Lars-Erik Nilsson, Sven-Christer Nilsson, Timo Peltola, Caroline Sundewall och Tom von Weymarn.

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