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These occurrences originated from three Euramerican localities: Mazon Creek, yielding Adiphlebia lacoana Scudder 1885 (Bethoux, 2008) and "Srokalarva berthei," informally described by KukalovaPeck and Shear (1990), both complete body fossils from the late Moscovian-age Carbondale Formation in the north-central Illinois Basin; Berryville and Calhoun, producing Pteridotorichnos stipitopteri Labandeira and Phillips 2002 galls from the Kasimovian-age Calhoun Coal of the Mattoon Formation in the southern Illinois Basin; and Pasde-Calais, providing Westphalomerope maryvonneae Nel, Roques, Nel, Prokop and Steyer 2007 wings from the Bashkirian-age Vicoigne Series strata of northeastern France.
On the basis of their age and co-occurrence with the body fossils of the probable trace-maker, most of Palaeozoic Cruziana traces have been attributed to trilobites (Seilacher 1970), but some Cruziana are considered as produced by aglaspidids (Fischer 1978), brachiopods (Bromley & Asgaard 1979), as well as vertebrates (Shone 1978).
She said that she loved the sites as they show the behavior of dinosaurs which cannot be understood through bones or body fossils.
There are two main types of fossils, body fossils and trace fossils.