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Complexities associated with both the pathological condition and the body of knowledge concerning HIV/AIDS exist within, and because of, social constructs circumscribing the pandemic.
Fundamental reorganization and rethinking of a body of knowledge requires a considerable resource expenditure.
Maryla Boonstoppel will tell us about the Body of Knowledge developed over the last three years by NIRI National that now forms the core foundation for the new discipline of investor relations.
The education field is devoid of intellectual content, has no body of knowledge of its own, and acts as if bodies of knowledge do not exist in other university departments.
APICS -- The Association for Operations Management is the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing, and logistics.
One of its authors, Marianne Brown, a public-sector project director with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, said the study's recommendations are part of IFAC's growing body of knowledge, principles and practices designed to enhance public-sector performance and reporting on a global basis.
Today, the Institute's examination for CRM status truly represents that body of knowledge that underlies the records management profession.
The picture Siraisi paints for us is of a body of knowledge and practice remarkable for its diversity.
One year of instruction is required in the "common body of knowledge in business administration.
Responding to the researchers' suggestion that "ancillary workers" be given guidelines to help them identify and inform physicians about "unorthodox laboratory test orders," Meyer said in a statement: "The real need, rather, is for the recognition that laboratory technologists are no longer the 'ancillary' workers of past decades, but are professionals whose body of knowledge is required for effective, efficient health care.
The focus of the collaboration between ProfitLine and AOTMP is to achieve a common body of knowledge and language among ProfitLine's auditors to provide uniformity in knowledge content, expertise and best practices.
Self-study or group study courses in topics relevant to the body of knowledge.