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State: Michigan

My boyfriend is in jail. His probation officer says he could do 16-30 months in prison. This crime he did, happened about 6 years ago. He did time before and got paroled. Warrants have caught up to him and now they are expecting a $6700 bail. I can't afford to come up with it in 30 days. What will happen if I came up with at least 85% of the money, will they let him go? I can't let him out on bail bonds, the jail wants cash only. For a pity crime he did, can't he get out within a year?


Can you arrange a bond company to help finance it--
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In the items on the board's agenda were construction and fire alarm contracts, bond payments and policy resolutions.
Because the Islamic Republic operates an Islamic banking system, the bond payments are officially not called interest but profits, although the rate of payment is set before the sale and before any profits can be calculated.
PALMDALE - City officials are considering forgiving more than $6 million in penalties and interest on defaulted bond payments on 23 vacant acres in the Trade and Commerce Center in order to assist development.
Franco sparked Brazil's economic slide earlier this year when he threatened to default on state bond payments, panicking investors.
The excess cash flows allow for continued bond payments even in scenarios where 46.
Besides covering the purchase price, the bidders had to prove they had $8 million to cover the first two years of bond payments and an additional $15 million to $25 million for the first year of development, Ditzhazy said.
In the mid- 1990s, bond payments began to be missed, and foreclosure proceedings began on dozens of parcels.
The excess cash flows allow for continued bond payments even in scenarios where 51% of loans default for the first four years, which is equal to 328% of the default tolerance required under Fitch's 'AAA' SRF stress test.
After struggling with bond payments, the nonprofit Lancaster Economic Development Corp.
The improvements - which included roads, utilities, storm drains and landscaping - were aimed at speeding up development, but recession and a real estate slump meant much of the land went into foreclosure when property owners missed bond payments.
Shortfalls in bond payments due to loan or lease defaults must be made up first from the defaulting borrowers' primary reserves, then from program reserves, and finally from any remaining primary reserves.
But the city's bond payments and other debt last for different lengths of time - for example, some debts might expire in five years while others could last for 30.