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This automated system allows for reproducible quantification of metastases in bone scans and reliable interpatient and intrapatient comparison.
Their solution was to get more women diagnosed with osteoporosis by having bone scans.
8 million of those free bone scans have been conducted and provide invaluable insight into the state of bone health in Asia and the Middle East.
The bone scan revealed the answer, a patch of Paget's disease of the pelvis.
NEW YORK -- Overtreatment for low bone mass has been all too common in women aged 50-60 years since the introduction of the bisphosphonate drugs and the widespread use of bone scans, according to Dr.
Nasopharyngeal biopsy and culture in combination with MRI and a gallium bone scan established the diagnosis of osteomyelitis at the base of the skull.
Cushing OK: Results of bone scan on linebacker Brian Cushing's neck were negative and he was cleared to play against Cal.
The bone scan failed to detect the osteomyelitis and related paraspinal infection in our patient--a further indication that it should not be considered as the first modality for the diagnosis of osteomyelitis.
A precautionary MRI scan was taken yesterday and showed no sign of recent bone injury, but in order to provide further re-assurance to Simon,it was decided that he undergo a bone scan.
In June of this year, when I had some pain,I was given an ET scan and a bone scan,followed by a kidney and liver scan in three different hospitals,not bad for my age, 79.
The last time I had a bone scan, they said I had improved 0.
Khalouf ordered a "non-invasion triphasic bone scan and shoulder MRI.