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We asked you whose boobs you most admired and - if we're honest - there was no clear winner.
The NHS estimates 30,000 boob job operations are carried out in the UK every year, with around 4,500 of these being funded by the state.
The Man Boob lifter exercise is just one of about 40 new "Extreme Muscle Exertion without Compression Exercises" Wise has edited into a new series of video classes he calls "Bodybuilding in Water.
However, with her boobs being so big, she found it impossible to do any exercise.
Because breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in females ages 15-54, Beyond Boobs second mantra is 'early detection saves lives.
KATIE Price has revealed she will be treating herself to a seventh boob job.
She said that her boobs then go on the keys, and she just lets them tickle the ivories.
I just want bigger boobs, because I'm not happy with the ones that I have.
QUEUING at the Co-op on Tuesday I nearly dropped my plum tomatoes when I spotted this magazine headline: "Samia & Sylvain - I'm So Happy I've Had A Boob Job & Sylvain Has Moved In.
But apparently, if I'm to believe the women in the office, there's a new trend in boobs.
Instead of calling the rebel rockers The Boobs it was printed as "Boobs, The" throughout the whole of Sixteen Shades of Crazy.