book learning

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The book learning is wonderful and necessary, but preparation
It's a high-stakes game, with Posh's publisher Penguin keen to recoup their pounds 1 million advance for her book Learning To Fly.
Book learning and formal schooling not only repositioned Rosa in the community, it transformed her relationship to the state, and into an expanding national and transnational consumer economy.
Other gift ideas include portable electronic devices, such as the Franklin FUN-damental Dictionary or the World Book Learning Center, as well as more traditional board or card games like Olmec Toys' Black by Design.
Tenders are invited for PV systems Schoolhouse book learning and Lengg lake
Ruth, who has always been a precocious and curious student of life, must learn the hard way that book learning is no match for matters of the heart.
With a wisdom that goes beyond book learning, native tribesmen understand the difference between white Europeans and the black men imported to serve, simply and beautifully stated in "Tanka":
She was not smart in terms of book learning, but she knew right from wrong and she was really, really into education.