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In addition, you should disable floppy disk booting--most computers now allow you to do this, and that will eliminate the risk of a boot sector virus coming in from a floppy disk accidentally left in the drive.
Boot sector viruses are carried on computer disks, which each contain a "boot sector," executable code that tells a computer how to load.
During the first activity (propagation), the virus spreads to other boot sector executable programs (for an explanation of technical terms used in this article, see the sidebar "Defining the jargon of Viruses" on page 41).
The high-capacity 1:24 HDD Duplicator and Sanitizer allows IT professionals to clone computer systems by performing a sector-by-sector copy, including partition and boot sector information, from a single source hard disk to up to 24 target drives, regardless of brand, operating system or format of the drives.
File and boot sector viruses are quickly taking a back seat to macro viruses.
Products were tested for on-demand detection of four types of viruses: in-the-wild (that is, real-world) boot sector viruses, in-the-wild file viruses, standard viruses, and polymorphic viruses.
A certain type of virus, known as a boot sector virus, will infect computers when they are first booted up (turned on) with an infected disk in a drive.
Use of this technology also protects the master boot sector, computer applications and the on-board technology that controls the disk, regardless of computer operating system or access permissions.