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If we dragged ourselves up by our boot straps, and went all out for independence rather than watered-down devolution, we could afford, from our own resources, to electrify the Cardiff Valleys network.
Perhaps a Sir John Harvey Jonestype character could be found to pull Royal Mail up by the boot straps.
It'll be all hands to the decks, after all, to drag us up by our boot straps.
And, from our perspective, where they are failing, or not performing as well as they could do, there is no real mechanism to pull them up by their boot straps.
In turn, Croft and Kasprowicz pushed Glamorgan towards respectability, with a further 65 for the ninth wicket before Bichel plucked a caught and bowled from his boot straps to see off Croft for 59, and Kasprowicz was last man out on 33.
Now we are exporting our expertise in pulling ourselves up by the boot straps.
She boot straps her argument by sighting such covered procedures - none of which have I seen in any of my health plans - as acupuncture, chiropractic care, in-vitro fertilization and toupees for balding men.
I cannot think of two guys who have pulled themselves up by the boot straps time and time again, blue collar level superstars than Mickey Rourke and Kris Kristofferson," says Rich.
These people who moaned about Manchester getting everything are now moaning aswe are pulling ourselves up by our boot straps and turning our fortunes around.
Yet often, for all that Gerrard rolled up his sleeves to lead by example, dragging his side up by their boot straps and demanding the men around him showed as much passion as him, the doubts were apparent - too many players not good enough for the Liverpool shirt.