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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

I have recently found out that a check I wrote over a year ago bounced and never got paid and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. the amount of the check was $302.00 and I am currently unable to pay it. I was working and was supposed to get a paycheck that never came. my question is what am I looking at? jail time? I am worried about the situation and how I should go about handling it


If you show it was an accident and you did not know, jail time is not likely--
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As such, the average value per bounced check fell from US$ 6,517 in 2015 to US$ 6,420 in 2016.
The plaintiffs in the case include Nikki Petree, a 40-year-old Arkansas woman who has been in jail for more than 25 days because she was unable to pay more than $2,600 in court costs, fines and fees related to a bounced check she wrote in 2011 for $28.
If a federal district court approves the CFPB's proposed order, the company would have to pay a civil money penalty of $50,000, establish new consumer disclosures and implement stronger oversight of the bounced check program.
Al-Mubarak mentioned that the most impressive achieve of SIMAH was its contribution to fight the bounced check phenomenon.
The Attorney General claimed the use of prior financial missteps, such as bounced check history, was an unnecessary screening criterion that prevented lower income individuals from having "equal access" to Capital One's banking services and to the nation's banking system.
Called the Hassle-Free Account, Key said the new product has no monthly fee and no balance requirements, no overdraft fees and no bounced check fees and free digital banking, among other benefits.
This year, the largest improvements in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Accountant are the Income Tracker, updated Record Bounced Check and updated Bank Feeds.
All the talk [about the scale] is like a bounced check.
Tawfiq Okasha is already on trial for incitement following his comments and police have confirmed they are now looking into allegations of theft of electrical power and issuing a bounced check.
Abdel Fattah was held Monday along with his wife, blogger Manal Hassan, upon their arrival to Cairo from their current home in South Africa, for allegedly dodging a sentence over a bounced check.
You've never had to talk to residents about their loud sex, their out-of-control children, their barking dog or their bounced check.
And on February 10 he pleaded guilty to the bounced check charge.