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Though they could not find two boundary markers between Auburn and Oxford, it appears that Auburn's other town lines are intact, Mr.
We could decide to regard a much broader spectrum of diverse entities as boundary markers.
However, the first boundary marker in this agreement was placed in exactly the same location as point 1 in the Lebanon-Cyprus EEZ agreement.
Where Halford Lane joins Sadler Road was the boundary marker for the City of Coventry and the County of Warwick, and it still stands there today (opposite Whitmore Park School).
From this perspective, Sanders and others have argued that Paul could not or would not have been distressed by the stringent requirements of the Law; rather, he was concerned with the misuse of the Law as an ethnic boundary marker that excluded Gentiles (especially Gentile believers in the context of the early Church).
Yet where might Brancusi have derived the extremely unusual idea of creating a boundary marker at the end of World War II, and why should he have done so?
It functions as a boundary marker for the emerging field of feminist economics and charts a course through the current feminist critiques of the discipline.
Part I, Picts' Wall, variously highlights the monument as a place of Christian pilgrimage in the early medieval north, as at Lanercost Priory set at the northern frontier of England in the eleventh to late sixteenth centuries, and as a boundary marker invoked in territorial histories of land ownership.
At Rainhill, representing its role as the birthplace of the railways, the boundary marker shows an image of Stephenson's Rocket.
We walk along the east side of Thornaby Road past Bader Primary School (named after Group Captain Douglas Bader) and soon reach the Airman Memorial (with aerodrome boundary marker on the grass behind).
In his essay "To See Things for the First Time: Before and After Ecocriticism" Larsen devises and introduces the imaginative concept of the boundary marker to illuminate his progressive definition of ecocriticism as essentially a critique of the basic boundary, namely that between culture and nature; human and non-human.