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Tenders are invited for investigation for moolekkadavu bridge revised alignment, plan, setting out bridge and planting boundary stone for land
Ross Shirley, 35, and Danielle Brighouse, 33, both of Jefferson Drive, Warrington; Stephen Muskett, 38, of Hamilton Road, St Helens; Eric Scragg, 54, of Norris Avenue, Stockport; James Shirley, 37, of Boundary Stone Lane, Widnes; Norma Shirley, 60, of Grosvenor Court, Warrington; Joanne Smith, 38, and Toni Smith, 35, of Regency Park, Widnes, deny all charges.
Colin McDonough's Boundary Stone restaurant will see its staff members joining the national "Day Without Immigrants" protest, but McDonough told the Washington (https://www.
Heading across the open moorland we pass a boundary stone marked with the letter "K" - right - and continue ahead to pass a location on our right with the unlikely name of Botany Bay.
Off they went, sniffing the grass warily before setting off to explore the boundary stone wall that confined them to the small field.
Jim's commissioned work includes a war memorial for Thurlstone and a boundary stone for the village.
The house in which the boundary stone was set was knocked down in the post-1945 redevelopment of Birmingham and the site was taken over by Gabriel and Company, whose factory had been at the rear of AB Row.
The salamander was lying motionlessly on a boundary stone in the sun.
For example, it was clearly stated in Deuteronomy 19:14: "Do not move your neighbor's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess.
We know that the forest in the Erra community had obtained its name by the boundary stone of four landed estates--Pussi, Pada, Erra, Kalsi and became known as Neljaristi mets [Forest of Four Crosses] (ERA II 217, 235/236 (89) < Rakvere, Loganuse, Pussi v.
Port of Tyne writer-in-residence Michael Chaplin is taking two weeks to walk along both sides of the river from the piers to the boundary stone.
Garden details include the boundary stone walling, sweeping lawns, well-planted borders, many specimen trees and productive kitchen garden and orchard plus a soft fruit area.