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John Calvin found removing the boundary stone to be an act of double deceit, for it was both an act of theft and one of false witness.
Although punishments were inflicted for disturbing boundary marks, trees were cut down, boundary stones were tampered with or taken to another site, crosses were burnt down, and boundary shoulders were ploughed up (Vilberg, 1932).
Tenders are invited for laying of boundary stone for land acquisition in connection with re-construction of kambippalam in kannammoola-vadayakkad road.
Grouse butts are prominent on the moorland to our right and a boundary stone is a little distance away on our left.
A BOUNDARY stone marking the northern gateway to the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has been unveiled by Pat Scott, chairman of the AONB Partnership.
Walking quietly along this stretch you may catch sight of deer among nearby trees and, as the track bends gently to the right, there is a low boundary stone in the verge on our right.
Contract awarded for Replacement boundary stone ten won per minute (Change Announcement)
Contract awarded for Reinstall the city boundary stone construction period
M and chainage cum boundary stone etc preparation, compliance and approval of drawings, design and DPR from competent authority in10 hard and soft copies.
Contract awarded for Nanyuan to boundary stone maintenance construction
Contract awarded for Seoneop other four locations around the school boundary stone sidewalk maintenance construction
Limited Tenders are invited for Civil Works For Providing And Fixing Concrete Post Boundary Stones In Bap Land Surveying