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But the boy laughed and said pleasantly, though he looked a little startled, "Don't mind me, stay if you like.
With the boys of his school, Adolph Myers had walked in the evening or had sat talking until dusk upon the schoolhouse steps lost in a kind of dream.
There was a slight noise behind her and she turned just in time to seize a small boy by the slack of his roundabout and arrest his flight.
These boys are to be the merchants, shopkeepers, and mechanics of a future period.
Surely he must know that Kim's delivery of the letter to the officer at Umballa had caused the great war which the men and boys had discussed so loudly over the barrack dinner-tables.
To give the boy confidence he began to tickle him with rough fingers.
Trent clenched his fist, and his language made the boy, who had never heard him violent, look up in surprise.
Plenty New Georgia boys, plenty Ysabel boys stop along jail along Tulagi.
The circle of boys broke to let him through as he raced for'ard along the starboard side to the tight-lashed heap of trade-boxes.
He glanced over into the vacant lot in which the little raving boys from Devil's Row seethed about the shrieking and tearful child from Rum Alley.
It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and four boys were trying to spend it quietly in the "liberry," as Jamie called the room devoted to books and boys, at Aunt Jessie's.
With this salutation Mr Squeers patted the heads of two hollow-eyed, small-boned little boys, whom the applicant had brought with him, and waited for further communications.