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Her caregivers tested her using the Braden scale, but neglected to factor in heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, renal disease, and other afflictions, because none of those items is specifically listed on the Braden scale.
1987) on the predictive validity of the Braden Scale revealed that the sensitivity of the Braden Scale in adult intensive care patients was 83% while the positive predictive validity was 60.
Thus, staff can perform a Braden Scale or Norton Scale exam as a part of the routine admission, so they will be less likely to forget this important assessment.
In a study conducted by Stratis Health, a Minneapolis-based quality improvement organization, eight hospitals were shown to reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers by focusing on caregiver education--in particular the use of the Braden Scale to conduct daily skin inspections.
The Braden Scale is the current Gold Standard used within the industry for determining the possibility of an existing pressure ulcer, and our goal is to replace the Braden Scale with the TMI System as the Gold Standard within the industry.