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Thus, once one is addicted, the characteristics of the illness--and the treatment approaches--are not that different from most other brain diseases.
Angiochem is a clinical-stage biotechnology company discovering and developing new breakthrough drugs that are leveraging the LRP-1 mediated pathway to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to treat brain diseases.
The son of Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy, he left Congress not long after his father's death to devote his career to advocacy for brain diseases and to create a new, healthier life and start a family.
Dr Forsyth, also a senior lecturer at Newcastle University, estimates that there are hundreds of children across the North East suffering from brain diseases.
Now the specialist is embarking on a huge drive to raise cash to unlock the science behind childhood brain diseases including meningitis and epilepsy.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists announced that they have isolated a set of proteins that accounts for over 130 brain diseases, including diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsies and forms of autism and learning disability.
Prusiner was accepting a Nobel prize in 1997 for linking misfolded proteins to certain brain diseases, doubters were pointing out that no one had ever actually shown that these proteins--which Prusiner dubbed prions--could cause infection.
Hopes of using gene therapy to cure brain diseases such as Huntington's and Alzheimer's were raised by scientists last night.
The evidence was found by scientists investigating brain diseases such as BSE and its human version, variant CJD.
reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey (note to self: double-check that name) reports that we're rapidly entering a "dawning age of neuroscience" that "promises not just new enhancements for Alzheimer's and other brain diseases but enhancements to improve memory, boost intellectual acumen, and fine-tune our emotional responses.
Neuron loss can lead to fatal brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, which destroys memory, and Parkinson's, which damages the brain's ability to control muscle movement.
Vaccines against Alzheimer's and other brain diseases, including CJD, may be a real possibility following a major breakthrough.