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Industry executives pointed out that through contract manufacturing service Everlight has proved that price competition in the LED-luminaire market has grown intensive, pushing brand name suppliers to lure orders with contract service.
For all that money and attention, however, it's not clear that brand names really make much difference.
Ironically, some brand names are fighting back by contracting white box makers to produce cheaper computers that then carry their name.
The Vilene brand name will now be used worldwide to represent all nonwoven interlining products produced by Freudenberg Nonwovens Limited Partnership and its sister companies in the Freudenberg Group throughout the world.
3 -- color) With Pacific's brand names slapped on them, scooter sales are expected to triple.
Hilco Brand Acquisitions, LLC ("HBA") buys intellectual property, generally consumer product brand names with established global awareness and favorable reputations.
For some products, the variety and complexity of items compel contracting agents to use brand names rather than to detail specific technical requirements and product characteristics.
The American Residential Services and American Mechanical Services segment includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing services provided under the ARS Service Express, AMS and Rescue Rooter brand names.
Strategic Name Development utilizes its proprietary Name DNA Validation(TM) technique to pinpoint the brand names that best fit the client's overall vision, are easily pronounceable, and are durable over the years.
By creating a brand name we essentially are designing a broad-based opportunity to roll out additional products with a recognizable name that is accepted throughout the marketplace.