Breaking doors

BREAKING DOORS. The act of forcibly removing the fastenings of a house, so that a person may enter.
     2. It is a maxim that every man's house is his castle, and it is protected from every unlawful invasion. An officer having a lawful process, of a criminal nature, authorizing him to do so, may break an outer door, if upon making a demand of admittance it is refused. The house may also be broken open for the purpose of executing a writ of habere facias possessionem. 5 Co. 93; Bac. Ab. Sheriff, N 3.
     3. The house protects the owner from the service of all civil process in the first instance, but not, if once lawfully arrested, he takes refuge in his own house; in that case the officer may pursue him, and break open any door for the Purpose. Foster, 320; 1 Rolle's R. 138 Cro. Jac. 555. Vide Door; House.

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Police said the demolishers gained access into the bank by drilling its walls and breaking doors.
RAMALLAH, Jan 29 (KUNA) -- Up to 300 Israeli troops ransacked the campus of Al-Quds university in the township of Abu Dais, breaking doors and computers, shattering glass and scattering students' papers, said university vice president Dr.
The operation took place with the special forces violently entering and searching the houses of the activists by breaking doors and windows of their homes.
In occupied Jerusalem, Israeli forces kidnapped 4 youngsters from Issawiyya village, after raiding their homes and breaking doors and windows.
But the protest descended into violence at the university's Aston Webb's Great Hall when police were called and protesters were accused of breaking doors, hurling smoke bombs and allegedly attacking campus staff.
Saudi forces used excessive force in the raid, breaking doors and terrorizing women and children inside the house.
At least 200 protesters forced their way into the building in the Garden City neighborhood in Cairo, breaking doors and windows, before Egyptian security officials arrived and took them out.
They were found possessing sharp tools for dismantling or breaking doors.
run around breaking doors down in the hunt for nasty ghoulies, I'm convinced DCI Burke is just around the corner.
About 100 Jewish settlers attacked houses in the old city and eastern Hebron, setting fires, breaking doors and windows and firing at houses.