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He regretted what he described as the dangerous silence of President Muhammadu Buhari, on the bloody activities of his kinsmen the fulani , noting that his silence can sadly be interpreted as approval for the brigands who operate with impunity.
1] il quitte le pays des Bouviers, qu'il << avait eu soin de laisser pousser [ses cheveux] pour se donner davantage des airs de brigands >> (2,20,5) (20).
Just like Trump, the Brexit Brigands won't stop lying.
With reports this week of 197 fish from Brigands along with Discovery's successful trip, it only backs up the excellent sport to be had on the Mersey by using our Marina's charter boats.
History has largely painted them as brigands, cattle rustlers, and cold-blooded murderers.
The very mask of religiosity and puritanism that the brigands of this brutal congeries wear is a big deceptive hoax and a most vicious charade.
While out hunting, Juneau hears helicopters, which are signs of brigands, or looting hoards of radioactive people.
Among the topics explored are: the nature and significance of child trauma in the past, contextualizing violence in Neolithic Britain, a bioarchaeological study of violence in the Roman world, regional and temporal variations in violence and warfare in the prehistoric San Francisco Bay area, reconstructing the execution and burial of 41 brigands in Mechelen during the Flemish Peasants' War in 1798, the paleopathological study of Napoleonic mass graves discovered in Russia, and patterns of peri-mortem trauma in skeletons recovered from mass graves from the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.
Pelham's novel, Brigands Key, is a thriller story set off the coast of Florida that revels around mystery, murder, a category 5 hurricane, and a lethal plague.
In this fast moving adventure the three heroes escape brigands, befriend an Oni (a yeti type creature), wood-demons, an evil manu woman and a dragon amongst other dangerous creatures.
She said one of the vehicles was travelling towards Welshpool and the other two were travelling in the opposite direction when they collided two miles east of the Brigands Inn roundabout.
Summary: MUSCAT -- Oman's navy has thwarted an attempt by Somali brigands to hijack a Liberian-flagged vessel off the Salalah coast.