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So the next time a British or Western official or journalist or businessman preaches to you about corruption, please show him a copy of The Daily Telegraph, the newspaper that bought the rights to the leaked expenses claims of the British MPs that made it possible for the great British public to know what their MPs have been up to.
British Home Secretary Theresa May is to "examine the case" for a public inquiry into historical child abuse in public life, for which 139 British MPs have called.
The British MP Khalid Mehmood highly appreciated the unforgettable historical efforts of Ansar Burney in the field of human and civil rights around the globe and assured Mr Burney his fully cooperation in the field of human rights.
Published -- Tuesday 18 February 2014RABAT: Plainclothes Moroccan police violently broke up a peaceful pro-independence protest in the Western Sahara city of Lyoune after a visit by a British MP, a prominent Moroccan rights group said Monday.
Al-Laham said that those who are responsible for the attack against Syria will be brought to justice, adding that any British MP who encourages or calls for an aggression on Syria will bear the legal responsibility for the losses and destruction that the Syrians will suffer from.
A British MP has called for an improvement in conditions for migrant construction workers in Qatar.
When a spineless British MP gets elected as PM," was the reply.
According to a survey carried out by this scribe on Saturday, the newly-elected British MP from Birmingham Mirza Khalid Mahmood of Labour Party, who retained the office, belongs to Dadayal town of this district.
The last British MP delegation permitted access to Gaza by Israel was in 2009.
It is worth noting that British MP Pat McFadden, who was on the Banking Standards Commission and the Treasury Select Committee, wrote to Martin Wheatley, head of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and Stephen Hester in a letter seen by The Times, to answer for the possible disappearance of USD 3.
BORN ROBERT Louis Stevenson, novelist, 1850 WHOOPI Goldberg, US actress, 1955 JOAN Lestor, British MP, 1931 DIED ROBERT Stephens, UK actor, 1995, above CAMILLE Pissarro, French artist, 1903 VALERIE Hobson, UK actress, 1998
Kashmir that ten of the sons of soil (Pakistan) stepped into the House of Commons, the 650-seat lower house of the British Parliament", Raja said while speaking as chief guest at a reception hosted by the relatives of the newly-elected British MP Barrister Imran Hussain of Bradford, to celebrate his victory in the Britain elections here on Tuesday.

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