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In 1969, the territory held a referendum on its status and a new constitution, with the overwhelming majority voting to remain a British overseas territory.
Meanwhile, the NHC has issued a hurricane watch, meaning hurricane conditions are expected somewhere within the area, for the island of Anguilla, a British overseas territory badly affected by Hurricane Irma.
We are delighted to be marking one of the final journeys of this unique ship and feel certain that letters will continue to play a vital role in the lives of residents of this remote British overseas territory.
Britain's Home Office has refuted a claim by promoters of a resort in the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI) that investors are eligible to apply for a British Overseas Territory Citizen passport, thereby enabling the holder to reside in the UK, reports Caribbean News Now (April 18, 2014).
Local media in the British overseas territory reported that a Spanish naval vessel had entered Gibraltar's waters using a fake name and call-sign before eventually being escorted from the area.
The Gibraltar Chronicle has reported that Spanish officers opened the UK government bag last Friday as it was being couriered across the border from the British overseas territory and into Spain.
The Prime Minister said the interests of the population of the British Overseas Territory "matters to us deeply".
In the meantime, the islanders' referendum held in March showed an overwhelming vote in favor of retaining the present status as a British overseas territory.
It will last 45 minutes where the fishermen will lay their demand of allowing them to fish in the British overseas territory without any inconveniences.
Britain warned Spain it might take legal action to try to force Madrid to abandon tighter controls at the border with the contested British overseas territory of Gibraltar in what it called an "unprecedented" step against a European ally.
The self-governing British overseas territory, measuring just 6.
GIBRALTAR: BRITAIN IN THE SUN Channel 5, 8pm Sitting in the mouth of the Mediterranean, the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar has long held a far greater significance than its size would otherwise suggest.
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