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8 billion British thermal units, will arrive at Duke Energy's facility in January.
The heat value of LFG ranges from 400 to 600 British thermal units (Btu) per cubic foot and can burn in virtually any application with minor adjustments to air/fuel ratios.
Through a swap arrangement, Premier will deliver up to an additional 40 billion British thermal units per day from its operated Natuna Sea Block offshore Indonesia to the domestic markets.
20 per million British thermal units ( mmBtu) as Oil and Natural Gas Corp ( ONGC) and Oil India Ltd ( OIL) were losing money on gas sales at the price of at less than $ 2 per mmBtu.
9 trillion British thermal units (TBtu) during the period associated with this quarterly cash distribution compared to 3.
34 per million metric British thermal units ( mmBtu) based on a family settlement.
The heat is measured in British thermal units (Btu), the electricity in kilowatt-hours.
One of the 23 ships in NLNG's fleet, LNG Lokoja, that has a 148,471 cubic metre capacity, loaded the shipment and started sailing from Bonny Island Terminal in Rivers State on January 7, with 47,778,900 million British Thermal Units (MMbtus) of LNG.
The heat is measured in British thermal units, and the electricity in kilowatt-hours.

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