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A decade before an iceberg shattered the hull plates of the Titanic and half a century before a plague of brittle fractures started sinking Liberty ships during World War II, scientists in the United States and France had devised a novel, and strikingly simple, method for measuring the way metal reacts to impact.
15c and d, PP-1 shows the flat and smooth surfaces that are related to brittle fracture with lower plastic deformation, whereas for PP-2 the surfaces are wavy and patchy, with microvoiding due to the debonding between the PP matrix and PE phases.
2: Hardness measured by diamond Indenter of crankpin on surface and cross sectional area [Fatigue failure with brittle fracture shown as A and B while C indicated as beach marks]
This reduces the energy required for disentanglement to occur, and shifts the preferred mechanism from yielding to brittle fracture.
Cutting force is a main reason of tool wear and workpiece brittle fracture during the high speed milling process of natural marble.
A theoretical and experimental evaluation of the Griffith theory of brittle fracture.
The fracture surface of the horizontal specimen shows clear plastic deformation, while the fracture surface of the vertical specimen shows no plastic deformation but reveals bright crystallization indicating a brittle fracture.
After calculation, the removal model changed from ductile removal to brittle fracture when grinding depth was about 3.
1967a, Mechanism of brittle fracture of Rock: Part I-Theory of the fracture process.
Is it possible to explain the occurrence of brittle fracture in polyethylene with fractography and chemical analysis?
This article looks at the increased risk of rapid crack propagation (RCP), referred to as a "fast brittle fracture," or by the construction industry as a "linear split" that must be considered when increasing the diameter and wall thickness of PE pipe.
The medal is named for a pioneering British metallurgist and crystallographer who was the first person to use a scanning electron microscope for studies of fracture and who identified the cause of brittle fracture that plagued World War II Liberty Ships.