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This algorithm reduce the broadcast storm problem and to improve the delivery rate by reducing end-to-end delay.
to eliminate the threat of broadcast storms and allow for a flatter network design.
Bamatraf from du agrees: " It is not recommended to use Ethernet for large numbers of branches and requires routers at the carrier edge to prevent broadcast storms.
This helps ensure that failures such as broadcast storms or spanning-tree loops in one data center are contained and do not propagate to other data centers, the company says.
Such loops can cause broadcast storms that rapidly deteriorate network performance.
Many devices can impede network traffic by producing un-needed or unwanted protocols and by producing broadcast storms.
This feature provides security in the isolation of the network traffic and suppresses broadcast storms by keeping data packets within their logical port groups and limiting the transmission of data to ports.
Some features include being redundant ready, filtering broadcast storms to eliminate performance issues due to unnecessary "SPAM" messages, and prioritization of messages to ensure the network is functioning at its peak performance.
With the ability to provide a choice of transports, advanced recovery techniques and rate controls, 29West has removed broadcast storms and other forms of instability that can plague commonly used, competing messaging systems.
0 has enhanced support for key applications and devices such as Frame Relay, FDDI, Cisco Environmental, Bay Networks Accelar and broadcast storms.
CSC can isolate and resolve problem areas in the network such as identifying the cause of network slowdowns or finding the source of unresolved, bandwidth limiting broadcast storms.
The backpressure feature prevents broadcast storms from the uplink port, if the CenturySwitch is in half duplex operation.

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