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The 26-year-old, second last year, broke away around 21 miles with three-time winner Martin Lel and Patrick Makau making it a clean sweep for Kenya, Lel just edging out his compatriot in a sprint finish with both men given the same time (2:05.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- A dark clump of plasma rose up above the Sun, then twisted and spun about before it broke away and dissipated (Dec.
Police were out in force in Daih, Sanabis, Jidhafs and along the Budaiya Highway after hundreds of vandals reportedly broke away from an Ashoora procession and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at policemen and passers-by.
Thomas More Catholic Women's Group in Scarborough, a group that broke away from the Catholic Women's League because of its support for the World March of Women 2000.
The Reformed Episcopal Church was formed in 1873 due to liturgical and ecumenical disputes with ECUSA and the Anglican Province of America is the successor to the American Episcopal Church, which broke away from ECUSA in 1968 over theological issues.
Khassam Baiev, brought up in a small town in Chechnya before that country broke away from Russia, was trained in plastic surgery and led a well-paid, comfortable life until 1994, when Chechnya-Russia fighting broke out.
In mid-March 2000, an iceberg nearly the size of Connecticut broke away from the Antarctica's Ross ice shelf (SN: 4/1/00, p.
A group of supporters broke away from the crowd of more than 100 and forced their way into the station, which closed last night ahead of it being demolished next month.
So far, Ludlow has been able to keep together all the main union players, including those from the groups that broke away from the national organization.
The Ag2r-La Mondiale rider broke away from the leading group alongside Sandy Casar, Yaroslav Popovych and David Arroyo, who descended together from the highest peak in Tour history.
But the home side were rocked on 24 minutes when Sandell broke away and slipped into the path of Tubbs who fired home from 18 yards.