fiscal year

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fiscal year (tax year)

the year from 6 April until the following 5 April, named by the two calendar years that it spans, e.g. 2007/08 is the year starting on 6 April 2007 and ending on 5 April 2008.
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R--planned total amount for a budget year from payment of loan and credit installments defined in Article 89 section 1 points 2-4 and Article 90, and redemption of securities issued for purposes determined in Article 89 section 1 points 2-4 and Article 90,
Outlays for the first nine months of the budget year totalled $2.
Use those old reporter skills and study the political dynamics of the company's budget year.
As in previous budget years, the Senate has proposed changes to the Administration's R&D proposals that increase government R&D by about 3.
With this data you should be able to build an accurate prediction of required roof expenditures for each budget year.
Zakheim explained how the Pentagon will use the pounds 40 billion Congress has approved in supplemental spending over the Pentagon's pounds 229 billion for the current budget year.
Negative results (under-spending) in one year can be due to a) project contracts being signed late in the year, demanding few or no payments in the budget year in question, b) slow progress of running projects or c) fewer contracts than anticipated being signed.
TEA officials say an on-site visit and audit of the school conducted last October "indicated serious deficits for the current budget year.
You say you want to buy a space station but you're short on cash this budget year.
UJA-Federation of New York is disbursing some $263,000 in housing and neighborhood preservation funds to the 1992-93 budget year.
For the full 2016 budget year, the CBO estimates that the deficit will total $534 billion, a 22 percent increase over the 2015 deficit of $439 billion, which had been the smallest in eight years.