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First, the sensor was conditioned by immersing the fibre into a pure buffer solution for several minutes until the slow diffusion of the liquid into its pores was completed.
Different buffer solutions and enzymatic substrates were used to optimize the current density and maximize oxidation potential for selection of the optimum conditions for AP detection as shown in Table 1.
The electrochemical reduction of 1 mM quinaldic acid (2-quinoline carboxylic acid) has been studied in buffer solutions of pH values 1.
Unlike the devices described above, in which many slides are submerged in a heated buffer solution at the same time, AR performed within IHC stainers usually involves processing slides individually.
Germination conditions were the same as those used to determine the effect of temperature on germination, except that seeds were incubated on sterile filter paper moistened with 4 mL of sterile buffer solution instead of water.
The buffer solutions used from swelling tests were analyzed using a Jenway 6305 UV/Vis spectrophotometer.
As part of their research, the Auburn investigators prepared phosphate buffer solutions (0.
SR Sanitary Right Angle mixers are commonly used for media suspension and storage, buffer solutions, plasma extraction and fermentation, including bacteria and cell culture and general media processing applications.
A constant amount of HBOC was added to a series of phosphate buffer solutions spanning the pH range 4-11.
Most solubility measurements are done either in water or in buffer solutions that maintain a specific pH, but those fluids are quite different from the fluid environments found inside the body.
The objectives of the Phase IB clinical trial were to compare immune responses and clinical tolerance following oral administration of five doses of the vaccine formulated in different buffer solutions and with varying amounts of adjuvant.
Buffer solutions were prepared from AnalaR grade, DNase- and RNase-free reagents and deionized water.