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20hrs Birmingham New Street to Preston service on Sunday, April 4, reported that pounds 40 in cash was stolen from the buffet bar on board the train while the steward had temporarily left the buffet area.
YOU'VE doubtless read this season of the stabbings at West Ham, the mass brawl in Carlisle, and the smashed-up buffet bar at Barnsley.
Tickets are on sale at the Station Buffet Bar in Elie or on 01333 330972 or 07903 523004.
Both the population and the people in it were smaller then, which may explain why the Jamstick Bar and Buffet Bar, although both nice, are also cramped, as is the wood panelled hall.
We are at Stalybridge Railway Station's legendary buffet bar with its giant Victorian timepiece pointing soberly to 12.
Or try the famous Pizza Hut lunchtime buffet, available Monday to Friday: visit the buffet bar as many times as you like and help yourself to pizzas, pastas and salads for just pounds 4.
I don't, in a Mills & Boon type way, imagine a close encounter at the train station, or in the buffet bar.
At first it's truly a voyage of discovery, whether finding your way around the liner, getting the hang of the meal system (served on the deck cafe, the buffet bar or the restaurant) or working out the various entertainment programmes.
Her other pub, the Stalybridge buffet bar, won the best Camra pub in the High peak and Cheshire area.
But the bright lighting and all-you-can-eat buffet bar is long gone, and in its place is a newly refurbished restaurant, with stylish interior, a boutique hotel style ambience and top quality service.
Attendee and DFW AMA member Fay Fleming said, "Attending Marketing Jam was like walking into a buffet bar of brilliance.