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This troop, the only defence of the prison, overawed by its firm attitude not only the disorderly riotous mass of the populace, but also the detachment of the burgher guard, which, being placed opposite the Buytenhof to support the soldiers in keeping order, gave to the rioters the example of seditious cries, shouting, --
Well, gentlemen of the burgher guard, what are you advancing for, and what do you wish?
The troopers obeyed orders with a precision which immediately caused the burgher guard and the people to fall back, in a degree of confusion which excited the smile of the cavalry officer.
Pontypridd Lido given thumbs up by first swimmers to use the pool Here's hoping the good burghers of pontypridd use their pool 2 good advantage Kevin William Chubb Hope the good tax payers of Pontypridd enjoy their new 6 Million pound pool, built at the expense of the rest of the pools throughout the valleys Huw Bond Great, and from October till March it can be used as a skating rink Gareth Allsopp Looks like a good place for the children Leanne, Marie and Clare xx Melanie Thomas Didn't Aberdare have a new leisure centre, school and running track.
So if we do decide to steer west for the Sea Sessions festival then let the burghers of that fine place rest easy - the leather waistcoat/denim hotpants combo was a one-off.
DESPITE the best efforts of the good burghers of Huddersfield it will have taken 70 years to change the surface of the road from Chapel Hill to Holme from river bed to cycle track.
Shennan Hutton bridges the divide between noble and burgher by employing the registers of urban aldermen to examine marriage alliances between nobles and burghers in fourteenth century Flanders (pp.
Meanwhile, the burghers would do better to examine preferential 20% council tax rates given to so-called charity shops, which are selling non-donated factory seconds, including furniture, at high prices, and seeing off legitimate businesses paying the full whack.
in person; here, too, the tragic burghers of Calais,
IWAS upstaged this week by some burghers, the president of Iran and a Thames eel; slippery customers all of them.
As chairman of the leisure scrutiny committee, it will be Coun Alden's job to check the small print on whatever decision the city burghers come to over the hallowed game.
The burghers of the Maiden City decided pounds 50,000 would help strengthen the "support infrastructure for Travellers".