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BUSHEL, measure. The Winchester bushel, established by the 13 W. III. c. 5, A. D. 1701, was made the standard of grain; a cylindrical vessel, eighteen and a half inches in diameter, and eight inches deep inside, contains a bushel; the capacity is 2145.42 cubic inches. By law or usage it is established in most of the United States. The exceptions, as far as known, are Connecticut, where the bushel holds 2198 cubic inches Kentucky, 2150 2/3; Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri, where it contains 2150.4 cubic inches. Dane's Ab. c. 211, a. 12, s. 4. See the whole subject discussed in report of the Secretary of State of the United States to the Senate, Feb. 22, 1821.

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The USDA also reduced its estimated carryover stocks of wheat to 664 million bushels and soybeans to 130 million bushels soybeans, compared with trade expectations of 718 million bushels of wheat and 141 million bushels of soybeans.
Every year, 2 trillion bushels of corn are processed in the United States; about 690 million bushels for corn sweetener and 220 million bushels for ethanol, according to industry figures.
Let 's say the agreed upon basis is negative 30 cents, with a cash price of $5 per bushel and the futures price at $5.
50 per bushel last spring and declined to less than $5 by harvest.
9 million bushels of corn produced for grain purposes, In 1996, Arkansas farms produced 28.
73 per bushel, 35 cents higher than USDA's current projection for the 2006 rice crop, he said.
Our 10 billion bushel 2003 corn crop is worth billions more dollars; our 3 billion bushel soybean crop is worth billions more dollars.
We had a lot of yields in the 150-175 bushel range.
loan rate of $5 per bushel for soybeans is high enough to prevent a significant drop in soybean acreage and probably high enough to encourage further expansion in the Plains states.
The cooperative hopes to raise $100,000 for a feasibility study and organizing effort aimed at developing a 15-million bushel plant with an annual payroll of $30,000 to $40,000.
The increased yield per bushel may not seem like much, but it adds up.
Winsness added: "The increased yield per bushel may not seem like much, but it adds up.