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More than half of the hydrocarbon companies (53%) plan to invest in business expansion in Q1, 2014 compared to 33% in the previous quarter; while 47% of the non-hydrocarbon respondents have plans to invest in business expansion in Q1, 2014 against 35% the previous quarter, the BOI said.
The evidence of persisting growth in aggregate demand at a pace appreciably above that of the economy's long-run potential and of developing pressures on resources tended to be confirmed by anecdotal reports of robust business expansion in many parts of the country and growing difficulties in hiring and retaining some types of labor.
According to IMI, "The proceeds of the public offering will be used for capital expenditure, business expansion, refinancing and working capital requirements of the company.
A business that can create a combination of a Linked Deposit loan, a federally subsidized Small Business Administration loan, or an Industrial Development Authority financing through New York State can generate substantial and inexpensive financing for many types of business expansion.
By holding that neither prior case law nor the 1980 legislative intent required that every business expenditure incurred in a business expansion be currently deductible, the court concluded the expenses must be capitalized, as a significant future benefit was provided.
Accordingly, the directive indicated that slightly greater reserve restraint might be acceptable during the intermeeting period, while some easing of reserve pressure would be acceptable, depending on progress toward price stability, the strength of the business expansion, the behavior of the monetary aggregates, and developments in foreign exchange and domestic financial markets.
Qatari businesses have modestly scaled back their outlook for investment in business expansion: 24% of Hydrocarbon firms and 38% of Non-hydrocarbon firms plan to invest in business expansion in Q3 compared with respectively 31% and 41% firms in Q2, 2014.
The survey shows a dramatic change in attitude toward business expansion and security issues from the immediate aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York.
The legislative history of this provision compared deductible business expansion costs incurred in an ongoing trade or business to costs incurred to enter a new trade or business, which were not deductible under Sec.

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