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This positive business culture and entrepreneurial spirit bodes very well for the SMEs of today and tomorrow.
We know that this is 'proving' rather than 'proven,' but we also know that it's helping IBM and our clients to overcome common and difficult business culture issues," said lead author Sara Moulton Reger of IBM's Services Research group.
Most business culture largely remains unchanged--the majority of organisations are closed, secretive, shoed, slow to change and deeply hierarchical.
As with any global expansion, that means accommodating multiple languages, dealing with foreign business cultures and managing a host of logistics and infrastructure challenges that include regional hubs, business agents and distribution.
Other reasons for slow Internet growth include a conservative business culture that is resistant to change and a telephone monopoly characterized by slow service and high rates.
Is this really the same airline that occupied until two months ago so many offices at Heathrow, that so clearly represented the hierarchical, top down, gravy soaked, quasi-military business culture of so many British enterprises in the '50s and '60s?
For many tradition-bound companies, he added, altering course ``requires a fundamental change in the business culture.
BRISTOL, England -- Away from its stunning beaches and Keys, Miami offers a strong business culture, the region's leading financial center, and access to one of the world's fastest growing markets, Latin America.
Lawsuits are not part of our business culture," says Luis Anavitarte, a Peruvian who heads the Latin America and Caribbean division for the Silicon Valley think tank Dataquest.
Davis considers decentralization another major component of this sea change in business culture.
As we become more of an information-based business culture, he said, the need for quality information intensifies and it is important to be near the source.

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