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The biggest loser on the list is Russian business magnate Gennady Timchenko - owner of the private investment firm Volga Group and a prominent public figure - who has seen an 8% drop in his wealth since tensions in Ukraine escalated in mid-March 2014.
The eldest of eight daughters born to a Jewish couple, Helena Rubinstein (born Chaya Rubinstein, December 25, 1870-April 1, 1965), was a Polish-born American business magnate.
They replaced Russian business magnate Alisher Usmanov at the top after the Arsenal football club shareholder dropped a place as his fortune fell to 10.
In a released statement to People Magazine, the Academy Award winner asserted that Wynn said he didn't call the president an "as***" which was false and that the business magnate shouted that he had voted for an "as***" and then called Obama the same thing numerous more times as the dinner came to an abrupt end.
UK- BASED business magnate Lord Swraj Paul on Friday said that the increasing corruption in India will never be stamped out unless both the givers and takers of bribes are equally exposed to public scrutiny and the rule of law.
The business magnate added that the long-search would have to conclude soon in order to attract new money to the club.
Yet it could soon be beaten by a former Miss Malaysia, who is claiming [euro]580million from her wealthy Malaysian business magnate husband.
The airline founder and British business magnate Sir Richard Branson held talks with President Jakaya Kikwete on Friday June 14 and expressed his enthusiasm to fully explore that possibility.
Business Magnate Robert Buchanan II, President & C.
He was looking for relatives of a business magnate named Thomas Dawson who lived in the U.
NAA IS PLEASED to announce that Sir Richard Branson, international business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group, one of the world's most recognized and respected brands, will deliver the keynote speech during the opening general session of the 2013 NM Education Conference & Exposition, June 19-22, in San Diego.
Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist, pledged in 2006 to steadily give away 99% of all his wealth.

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