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Quality Business Systems retains its name and locally focused independent approach to sales, service and customer support.
In January 2006, the Defense Business Systems Management Committee approved test cases for a concept that modernizes the way DoD manages the acquisition of major business information systems.
According to the Geographic Business Systems report, New Jersey's population will continue to grow, with 8,155,617 residents reported in 2000 and 8,376,205 projected for 2005, a 2.
In addition, a two-star joint billet or equivalent Senior Executive Service (SES) position shall be established for a Defense Business Systems Acquisition Executive (DBSAE).
The combination of the unique strengths of these two companies presents a number of extraordinary opportunities for Petter Business Systems and its customers," said Robert P.
Metro Business Systems will be expanding ils growing organization into 9,000 square-feet of newly renovated space at 8 Riverbend.
In order to ensure effective governance of investments in defense business systems and consistent with 10 U.
Melles Griot will use the proven Vanenburg Business Systems MBI solution to manage and track financial production, sales activity, accounting, inventory management, production control and capacity planning.
Sharp Business Systems of Arizona, opening today, combines top-notch local service and customer support with the industry's leading MFP technology
Currently implementing a number of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) programs, including a major enterprise resource planning system, DLA is at the forefront of business systems acquisition and is creatively applying systems engineering approaches to information technology (IT) programs through a tailored business systems engineering approach.
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