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html Eat: Breakfast in the fields: Bajra rotis with hand-churned white butter, fried green chilies washed down with butter milk.
People quenched their thirst with sugarcane juice and butter milk or lassi made from curd and flavoured with salt or fruit juice.
Packed six four-ounce packages per case, Roth Kase crumbles are available in Butter Milk Blue, made from raw Jersey cow's milk with a creamy and slightly piquant flavor; Delikatos Feta, a cow's milk feta that is a mainstay in salads and Mediterranean dishes; and MezzaLuna Gorgonzola, with an earthy, tangy flavor intended for Italian cooking.
And skim milk or butter milk should be kept before them.
The recommended foods include: Egg whites, mono- unsaturated and poly-unsaturated oil, skimmed milk, butter milk, non-fat dry milk, plain low-fat yoghurt, and low-fat cottage cheese.
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