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The rules and regulations enacted by an association or a corporation to provide a framework for its operation and management.

Bylaws may specify the qualifications, rights, and liabilities of membership, and the powers, duties, and grounds for the dissolution of an organization.


n. the written rules for conduct of a corporation, association, partnership or any organization. They should not be confused with the Articles of Corporation which only state the basic outline of the company, including stock structure. Bylaws generally provide for meetings, elections of a board of directors and officers, filling vacancies, notices, types and duties of officers, committees, assessments and other routine conduct. Bylaws are, in effect a contract among members, and must be formally adopted and/or amended. (See: corporation)

See: codification
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We're putting that in place regardless of what happens with the bylaws," he said.
The court held that no principle of common law prohibits directors from enacting fee-shifting bylaws and that because contracting parties may modify the "American Rule" under which litigants pay their owns costs to provide that "loser pays," a fee-shifting bylaw (bylaws being "contracts among a corporation's shareholders") would be a permissible contractual exception to the American Rule.
If accepted by members, adoption of this new document will not only make interpretations clearer, it will also address the legal requirement of member approval for the Bylaws document under which WILPF US functions.
Required changes to the current constitution and bylaws to proceed with continuance
The changes are a result of a controversy over a complaint by the Bailey family which protested that the Choi family had inscribed the back of the late Byung Soon Choi's headstone with Korean religious symbols, counter to Brant's cemetery bylaw.
It's a mock, unreal poll which aims to know the opinion of students who aren't even aware of the contents of the draft bylaws,"(ESDP) student representative, Taha Heleish, said, adding the governing bylaws were drafted not by the students but by the ESU who do not represent all students.
All APRNs need to be aware of the Medical Staff Bylaws affecting their work environment.
When the revised Bylaws document is posted on the web site, you will be notified.
The bylaws will be applicable for the government units which apply the Civil Service Law and the employees affiliated to those units.
This means that the allowances for countries which were classed as second region will be raised compared to the current bylaws.
In accordance with its commitment to the value of excellence and its position as an industry leader, ONS conducted an in-depth analysis of its bylaws, which have remained unrevised since 1979.
Each year a committee of dedicated ASRT members meets to review the association's bylaws and ensure that they accurately describe the rights and responsibilities of its members, directors, officers and affiliate societies.