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She works in a canning factory, and all day long she handles cans of beef that weigh fourteen pounds.
He was not wrong in thinking that a change had come over Hetty: the anxieties and fears of a first passion, with which she was trembling, had become stronger than vanity, had given her for the first time that sense of helpless dependence on another's feeling which awakens the clinging deprecating womanhood even in the shallowest girl that can ever experience it, and creates in her a sensibility to kindness which found her quite hard before.
As I spoke Xodar had been tossing a great number of tiny cans within the prison cell.
Oh, well, it pleases him, you see,' says my mother, 'and we can have our laugh when his door's shut.
I cannot see how the future of an unfledged brat like that can possibly concern you
boots, beer bottles, tomato cans, intoxicated citizens, garbage,
In fact, it is the only thing one can do, for John Barleycorn's inhibition rises like a wall between one's immediate desires and long-learned morality.
Placing the can carefully upon the ground between his legs, he covered it with his hat and waited anxiously whatever impended.
You can easily have been kept away by business, and must not return till nearly midnight.
Oh no," answered the Councillor, "I can only join in conversation on this topic and on that, as indeed one must do according to the demands of the world at present.
An' of course the dogs can hike along all day with that contraption behind them," affirmed a second of the men.
Watch out for squalls, is all I can say to you," was Louis's warning, given during a spare half-hour on deck while Wolf Larsen was engaged in straightening out a row among the hunters.