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Further details on the Alpha Data CAPI development kit and ordering options are available at: www.
Altera and IBM have worked with board partner Nallatech to develop an OpenPOWER CAPI Development Kit for POWER8 that features Nallatech's FPGA-based 385 card, the industry's first CAPI FPGA accelerator card.
Contract notice: Support to the animation and the strategic design of the second program of local habitat CAPI
The CAPI Order Book can be seamlessly integrated with other components of Algo-Logic's Low Latency Application Library, including pre-built protocol parsing libraries, market data filters, and TCP/IP endpoints to deploy complete tick-to-trade applications within a single Stratix V FPGA platform.
As a member of the IBM OpenPOWER Foundation, Xilinx delivers industry's first key value store accelerator demo based on the IBM CAPI protocol
The fully hosted Fidessa trading platform offers CAPIS integrated order management, trading and rich middle-office functionality across their US operations.
FinancialSockets is particularly pleased with the marketing partnership with CAPIS because it leverages our capacity to keep pace with the interest in our product," said Ellen Hunt.
Through detailed analytics, customized trading strategies, and advanced technology, the goal of CAPIS program trading is adding value to list trading and, in some cases, individual orders.
SageLink was co-developed with MindBranch as an extension of the successful CAPIS Independent Research Network, with the added convenience of online purchasing and instant access to quality research," said Dax Ainsworth, CAPIS Director of Research & Marketing.
Through its agreement with BIDS Trading, CAPIS can provide customers direct and anonymous block liquidity in both BIDS Trading and NYBX.
CAPIS executes all trades on an agency basis, eliminating any conflict of interest; and plan sponsors, investment managers and broker-dealers have come to trust CAPIS for its expertise in directed brokerage, transition management and commission recapture relationships.