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CAT 2006-03 (4/1/06) narrowly defines the principal-agent relationship and substantially reduces the use of this exclusion.
4) Like the supervisors, the COBRA officers also instruct their fellow CAT members.
CAT has also licensed its proprietary technologies to several companies.
If you have questions about CAT, e-mail them to comptool@aicpa.
As an owner of four cats who are all very different, I am honored to work with a brand like Friskies that truly understands cats can have distinct personalities," said Natalya(TM), WWE Diva.
To celebrate Halloween and help cats (of all colors
My pet cats will wreak havoc on songbirds if they're left outside," she says.
Finally, he began to wonder if cats develop some version of buddies, regardless of gender.
to overhaul our nation's animal control policies and end the killing of cats in animal pounds and shelters.
Animal-control officers seized the cats last Thursday after receiving complaints about the condition of cats left behind by officers of the Hawthorne-based agency.
In 1998, the first year of the current outbreak, 9 patients with human sporotrichosis were observed, 3 of whom reported scratches by cats with cutaneous lesions (7).
A lot of people presume they're allergic to cat hair, but in reality they're allergic to a protein (chemical made by instructions from a cell's DNA) that the cats emit," says Simon Brodie, president of Allerca, Inc.