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Several officers from each agency tested the CDPD system during the course of the research project.
In addition, the CDPD Forum has issued a specification for allowing users to access CDPD networks using a circuit-switched connection where cellular coverage is available.
By incorporating TotalRoam(R) Connect into the Toughbook(R), Panasonic and Padcom(R) can help public safety agencies reduce costs and increase officer confidence levels during the transition from CDPD.
are currently dealing with changes in wireless communications, specifically the phase out of CDPD networks.
The CDPD Transition Program enables enterprises to more efficiently manage the change in network infrastructures.
The CDMA 1xRTT network adapter provides a seamless migration path from CDPD without altering the communication platform while the Port Routing enhancement provides organizations with a better opportunity to tailor network access to their specific needs.
Growell is very delighted to work with Enfora who is a leader of GSM/GPRS and CDPD wireless data modems," said Oh-Hyung Kwon, Vice President of Business Development for the US division of Growell.
The unique design of the Enabler modules also provides a quick and cost effective upgrade path from existing CDPD to GPRS capabilities.
CDPD is a method of transmitting data over the cellular voice network at speeds up to 19.
As an AT&T Wireless Master Agent, Global Wireless Data is currently the only company providing AT&T Wireless CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) service to Sub Agents.