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Several officers from each agency tested the CDPD system during the course of the research project.
The HNS CDPD system is part of the GMH 2000(TM) family of digital wireless products being deployed worldwide.
In addition, the CDPD Forum has issued a specification for allowing users to access CDPD networks using a circuit-switched connection where cellular coverage is available.
By incorporating TotalRoam(R) Connect into the Toughbook(R), Panasonic and Padcom(R) can help public safety agencies reduce costs and increase officer confidence levels during the transition from CDPD.
Transmission message fees for credit card authorization via CDPD are also expected to be dramatically less than conventional cellular services, since CDPD charges are based on data usage rather than connect time.
are currently dealing with changes in wireless communications, specifically the phase out of CDPD networks.
large scale CDPD data networks, in Washington, Baltimore, and
The software, which serves as the core for Padcom's CDPD Transition Program, provides a single virtual private network (VPN) solution that provides advanced encryption plus static IP addresses for Dynamic IP addressing networks and Protocol Conversion for non-IP networks.
In the Americas, this includes the traditional cellular industry using CDPD, TDMA & CDMA technologies, the ESMR industry, and the emerging PCS industry.
Enfora is extremely excited to work with Growell Telecom, whose clear leadership in the development of 1XRTT data devices and innovative packaging solutions compliment Enfora's existing product line of wireless data devices implementing GSM/GPRS and CDPD technology solutions.
Payment card information was broken up into "Packets" and transported via a CMI MC-DART** 100 CDPD modem.
The Enfora Enabler-C(TM) is an OEM wireless CDPD module.